The Nature of Aikido Training 3 Part Lecture by Dan Kawakami

January 17th, 2010 by twistingwrists Categories: Kawakami sensei, Video No Responses

Every January we have a special class where we spend most of the time cleaning the mats. After the mats have been cleaned, they need time to dry. During that time, Kawakami sensei gives us a lecture to remind us what we should be focusing on in our training. Some of the students have been there for many years while others have only been training for a few months. Regardless of the experience level of the student, sensei’s words always sound fresh and true.

In this years lecture sensei covers such topics as:

-the underlying mental state for good aikido training
-the relationship between zen training and aikido
-living in the moment
-correct breathing
-correct posture
-and more

This lecture was filmed on 1.13.2010 at:

OCBC Aikido Club
909 S Dale Ave
Anaheim, Ca 92804