Koichi Tohei Book 6: Kiatsu

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It was now the mid 80′s and Koichi Tohei had just released a new book. This one was not on Aikido but on Kiatsu – the massage style developed by Tohei. Later there would be a Kiatsu school built on the grounds of the Ki Society HQ in Japan (Ki no Sato). This book showed the massage lines all over the body and included stories of how the art came to be and various treatment experiences.

Original & revised edition covers for Kiatsu

Tohei’s teachings, although the message is the same as in previous books, his explanations get a little more detailed:

When our Ki is interchanging with the Ki of the universe, this creates the most natural and strongest state with the most vigorous state of our life power. This state is called mind and body unification and by living with mind and body unified, one can stay healthy all throughout one’s life. That is why I teach the four basic principles.

The massage lines of the legs

Through Kiatsu, Tohei says we can help those who have become ill:

We must supply Ki to this person, just as when the power of the battery of a car has become drained and it must be charged from the outside.

Kiatsu for the back

After treating a lady for stiff shoulders, he warns her that she will have stiff shoulders again:

When you were a baby, you did not have stiff shoulders. Your shoulders became stiff after you became adult. That means your mistakes in your daily life made the shoulders stiff. If you repeat the same mistakes your shoulders will again become stiff.

Shinichi Tohei performing kiatsu

The Kiatsu book is out of print but sometimes there are copies available here or here.